27 March 2012

XS = XL Fun

I attempted to catch supper but with no success.  I am told there are still stocker Rainbows living, but even with a sinking line, I did not find them.  I did catch a Bluegill and small Largemouth Bass, but the fish were particularly picky, so I left the Raptor Center.

A new book was supposed to be released today, so knowing that I'd be going to Barnes & Noble across from Northpark, I ventured a little farther west and hit Caruth Park.  What a genuine treat.  I fished my 2# Finesse, used a spider and then a Pheasant Tail Nymph, and caught tiny, tiny Sunfish.  I love catching these small fish as much as I love catching behemoths.  These fish were absolutely beautiful and emanated great coloring detail.  I enjoyed catching them, and I also enjoyed the young children who came over to where I was fishing asking questions and curious about the fish.  It's difficult to decide who was more entertaining.  Not the day I expected, but what a great day it was!

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