29 November 2009

Norm Goheen

Our dear, dear friend, Norm Goheen, passed away Sunday, at approximately noon, after a 5½ month, courageous, and hard-fought battle with cancer.

We cherished the Wednesday nights spent at Norm's, building rods, sharing stories, making friends, and having Norm's always high expectations subtly instilled in us. We have not begun to comprehend the absence Norm's passing has created, nor how will we get through a Wednesday without him or our friends.

I have a rod that is unfinished, and I don't know if I can finish it. In all the rods that we have built, there is something of Norm in each one. I can not decide whether to retire those or continue to fish with them. Breaking one of them would be like losing Norm all over again, but not using them would be like putting Norm on the shelf.

We will miss Norm and Brother Mike and their stories of fishing and childhood memories.

08 November 2009

Casting For Recovery 2009

Diane recruited many members from the DFF to work as river helpers, and Cody worked as a photographer capturing the day for all. We thoroughly enjoyed helping the women have fun and experience a new, positive adventure in their life. Most of the pictures contained the participants, so we can not post those, but there are some where it is just the DFF doing what we do best...sharing our sport, graciously.

01 November 2009

Annie's Wedding

Well, Annie and Ray did it. They took the plunge in antebellum style. With beautiful weather, costumed guests, and loving friends and family present, Annie and Ray exchanged nuptials and rings at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. We all feasted prior to the ceremony on some excellent BBQ brisket and chicken. Sunday, Diane, Richard, Cody, and I had a high time on the lake, finding a flats that protected this year's earlier bass spawn. We caught small, healthy baby largemouths until we tired of catching them. I even managed to video Richard with a catch.
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