16 March 2012

Urban Fly Fishing

One of the purposes behind the Dallas Fly Fishers' creation of the Friday Fly Fishers was to assist anglers in discovering local, urban fishing spots that offered opportunities to catch fish on fly rods.  Cody and I had never attended a Friday Fly Fishing event, until today. Are ShareLunkers on the menu?  No, but using ultralight rods will mean a great deal of bend and fun.

Being Spring Break and desperately wanting redemption from the Nolan River's cruelty, we decided to give it a try.  Country Brooke is located @ Frankford and Voss, just west of the Tollway.  It is a pretty park with plenty of access and plenty of healthy, young Bluegills and Largemouth Bass that loved the Cody and GirlieBuggers on floating lines with long leaders stripping slow, long retrieves, and a sink tip line with moderate, medium retrieves.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will revisit this park, especially since we had seen evidence of two spawning beds, and got a kick out of the female who began building her nest during the middle of the day.  I pretty much stayed in one very productive spot.  A female LMB came very close to shore, and my shadow, casting, and catching fish did not deter or run her off.  I tried to do what Casey Ryan did with his Bedded Bass video, but the water was too murky.  I did get some nice stills and enjoyed seeing the Bluegill in their myriad shades. It was a fun morning on the water.


  1. good deal, that pond is just down the street from me.
    something i did to get that video is before i set the camera down by the bed i threw my fly in the bed a half dozen times and every time the bass came to charge/hit it i would pull it away from him. i think this really pissed him off. i then set the camera down next to the bed on a small mini tripod. i got lucky that everything came into frame the way it did.

  2. Hi Guys
    Just found your blog and was truly impressed with the bass and gills you landed with the fly. I am a warm water fly fisherman in Jasper Alabama and really like to fish the poppers this time of year. I will be joining your blog, because I am into reading great post on warm water fishing. I hope you give my blog a look at Fishing Through Life. Thanks for sharing --Bill
    P.S. The video was awesome!!!

  3. @Casey that girl wasn't having any part of feeding. I think this may be her first spawn, and I really enjoyed watching her. As calm as she was and as long as she stayed, I hope a bird doesn't get her. She is on the Quail Hollow Road side, south of the island and just north of the tree stump.

    @Welcome, Bill, and you are on my blogroll. Casey Ryan is a fly fisherman to follow, too. His blog is 2flyfish4 and is titled Fly Fishing Adventures. Casey is also on my blogroll, but his video is so good, I just had to direct link it.


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