06 March 2021

Springtime with the Tenkara

 I had hopes that my hand would have been healed by now; it is healing, slowly and steadily with more steps forward and fewer backwards, so I'll take that.  One difficulty I'm still experiencing is the ability to grab a fly line and retrieve a fighting fish, regardless if it's a small or large fish, that strong pincher movement is just not happening.  However, TenkaraUSA keeps me on the water, my rod tip bent, fish in the net, and provides me with happy days.  I'm now up to three species on the rod--Sunfish, Largemouth Bass (I know they are in the Sunfish family, but it's an IGFA species, so I'm counting it!), and Nolan River White Bass.


Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass 2

"The Claw" at work

Fighting fish with The Claw is hard work

Nolan River White Bass

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