24 March 2012

Pending No Longer

It's official!!!  I set an IGFA World Record for Bluefin Trevally in light class tippet, 2kg!

I had begun to lose hope that I would set the record.  I kept thinking my tippet won't break at the correct strength.  We didn't submit all the correct photos.  Our photos didn't show enough detail, and many other myriad of negative thoughts.  As I was getting ready to go take my bath, I decided I would make my weekly check to the IGFA website, because I have received no notifications--yes, you did it/no, you did not do it--in the mail.  I actually checked it on Thursday, too, and I was still Pending.  Poor Cody was already soundly asleep when I visited the website.

One of the IGFA's menu choices is Pending Records, which I always go to, because I was the only person pending for Bluefin Trevally.  When I visited that page, tonight, no one was listed there, not even me.  So, I visited the Saltwater Records page, slowly scrolling through the men's conventional tackle records, then the women's conventional tackle records, then the smallfry and junior records, then the men's fly fishing records, until I finally came to the women's fly fishing records.  The  1 kg/2.2 lb women's record is vacant, so no one's name is there, and I stopped.  I didn't scroll any further.  I took a deep breath, scrolled to the next line, and awoke Cody with squealing, screaming, and hysterical dancing.  It's not very nice to awaken someone that way, I know, but I just couldn't help it.  I have wanted this for 2 1/2 years.  Cody, ever the wonderfully great guy, got up and hugged me (a dangerous thing since the man has to take Ambien to sleep).  Now, he's pretty excited, too and can't fall asleep. I should have known to just wait and check it on this date; after all, it is both my wonderful Mom's and Nephew's birthday today.  Great things always happen to our family on this day!


  1. That's awesome. I just read your account of the catch too. Great stuff and congratulations.

  2. Thank you Clif and Joe. This was something I really, really wanted.


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