01 January 2012

Happy Fishingly New Year

Well, another fishing year begins.

Having and believing in very few superstitions, I am about to change my routine.  I have always been on the water the first day of a new year, because I believed I had to catch a fish on the first day to bring me good fishing fortune for the year.  Instead, Cody and I are going to travel to my favorite trout fishery, the San Juan River.  So, we are headed to a fine fishing destination on the first day of the year, so I think that counts for creating fishing good fortune.

I enjoyed 2011.  I accomplished several goals in 2011, and some went unfinished.  Some will rollover to 2012's goals, like catching a ShareLunker, and some will be incomplete, catching an Indo-Pacific Permit.  I  achieved winning a fly fishing related contest, creating a successful new fly pattern, and getting my picture in a fly fishing related publication.  I attempted setting an IGFA record in light class tippet,  which  is still pending.  I did not catch a ShareLunker, place in a bass tournament, nor did I catch a beautiful Indo-Pacific Permit, but that is okay.  The missing Permit gives good credence to returning to the saltwaters again one day.

For 2012, my goals are:  Catch a ShareLunker, Place in a Bass Tournament, Break an existing IGFA Record, Build a 1# and 3# Rod, Learn to Tye Good Deer Hair Flies, Add Three New Species to my Species List, and Expand Our Blog to 50 Followers.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2012 and catches the fish of your dreams.  Happy New Year!

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