16 January 2012

First Fly Fishing Geocache Hidden

Returning to a favorite little fishing spot, I hid my first geocache; officially, it is a Letterbox Hybrid.  I have found several types of geocaches, and seeing the cache contained within, I knew I wanted to expand more cache items for the fly fisher.

"Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining map-reading skills and artistic ability with delightful 'treasure-hunts' in beautiful, scenic places" (http://www.letterboxing.org).  Letterboxes trade stamp impressions, expecting no additional cache.  It is my hope that the discoverers with their found posts will attract the attention of other fly fishers.  In this I am reaching out to two groups--those expecting to trade rubber stamp impressions, and those expecting to trade swag specific to a purpose, instead of the general type of items traded, and if so desired, they can use their trade immediately.

Click for more on letterboxing.  Interested in finding and using the cache?  Click for a fly fishing cache.

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