15 January 2012

Fly Fishing & Geocaching

I sit all day long at work.  I sit in the car for a long commute.  I sit to tye flies and to build rods.  I sit to do needlepoint, and I sit when I read.  A majority of my time is spent sitting, so I have decided to do something about it.

Cottonwood Campsite
Lake View Container
After having a curiosity and a two year interest, I am taking up geocaching.  However, with the exception of a few that interest the history side of me, they will be caches that are near bodies of water where other geocaching fly-fishermen could seek the treasure and then fish.  I have had four finds, three of which relate to bodies of water, and I left behind something for the fly fisher.

If you know any good sites, let me know.
Lake View Cache

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  1. I can't access your blog from my pc. Got an I-phone, and can now read your posts. Go figure, phone wks better than laptop.



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