28 December 2011

Small Pond, Big Rainbow Fun

West Texas, where ranchers can go broke fencing their property ($14,000/mile), money smells, and you can watch your dog run away for three days.  Amidst this flatness lies Crane, a small town with an even smaller community pond.  However, the pond is not too small that it is overlooked by TPWD's trout stocking schedule, and on 6 December 300 Rainbows were added to the Crane Community Pond.  With a keep limit of three per person per day, we weren't sure whether there would be any little stockers left, but we thought we'd wet a line and find out.  What a hoot!  For two hours, we caught fish after fish, and these Rainbows had pretty spots and great coloring.  They were also larger than the average size stockers.  Cody out fished me, today and stopped counting his catches after 14 fish, and I caught 14 for the day.

On a side note, when we read today's Odessa newspaper, first section, front page, was a photograph of the man that was fishing in between Cody and I, the one who caught the albino Rainbow Trout, on Tuesday's outing.  What a strange, but interesting, coincidence.  We know they are stocked fish, but fun fishing, nonetheless.  I even managed to catch one on my Bass Brunch Gizzard Shad pattern!  Size of the pond does not determine the quality of fun, at least in the case of the Crane Community Pond.


  1. Ponds like that are shoulder-to-shoulder around here. Looks like fun

  2. Eventually, three kids showed up, but only one of them really fished and not for long. Now yesterday's fishing at a stocked pond found people every 10 yards, with Cody and I being the only fly fishers.

  3. There's a lake near Raleigh like this too. It's call Clearwater Lake. It's stocked every winter then there is a catch out in the spring. It's pricey, they only allow 8 anglers a day and it's $75 a spot.

  4. I can not believe that...$75.00/day, wow! This is an anyone can fish pond, as long as you have a proper fishing license. Come to Texas during late fall through winter and hit a stocked pond. If they're not in a state park, 95% of the stocked areas are free.


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