01 May 2010

1st Annual World Championship Bass on the Fly Fishing Tournament

Cody and I have returned to reality since coming home from Belize.  We do have our eyes on the Lake Fork Fly Fishing Bass Tournament next Saturday, and since this is designed strictly for fly fishers, we are excited that fly fishing is getting an opportunity to experience a tournament for trophy bass.  The DFF outing happens to be this weekend, so we could enter as a team, as well.

Arranging our bass boxes, we need to tie some bass flies!  We added some Creek Crawlers from Tailwaters, but I need some CodyBuggers, black SMPs, and Swamp Monsters.  Floating lines and sinking lines are ready, as well as the reels and spools.  The boat is ready, but being a flats boat, there is no live well.  That conundrum will be our focus for the week.  Getting that problem solved and we will be good to go.  Can't wait for the tournament and I hope the week does not crawl slowly.

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