08 May 2010

Lake Fork Marina, Bass On The Fly Fishing Tournament

Well, the 1st Annual World Championship Bass on the Fly Fishing Tournament is in the books.  As excited as I was, as many flies as I tied, as positively as I thought, I caught one fish, a nice Bluegill but that was it--one fish, no bass.  For the tournament, our boat did not submit a bass, so needless to say, we didn't win.  Don't let your sympathies start, though, because Cody Bell cleaned house!

I was the one who wanted to participate, and Cody just entered, so I could.  Yet, Cody won first place in the Distance Casting Competition for which he received a shirt, 1st place in largest Bluegill for which he received a check, he won a raffle item which he choose another shirt, and Cody won the grand prize--an ADG Titanium 7/8# rod!  Oh, I forgot to mention, the Bluegill--it is a Fly Fishing Water Body Record for Lake Fork, weighing in at .54 lbs., 8" long, and 8 11/16" in girth.  We completed the paperwork and will be submitting it and pictures to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department!

Not a bad day fishing!

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