27 May 2010

Lake Amistad NRA, Rough Canyon

Day 1 turned out to be pretty good fishing for both of us, except neither of us was hot when the other was.  Cody caught 10 fish in the first 20 minutes; I had fish nibble my fly and turn off.  Lake Amistad amazes us each time we fish it.  Its waters are so clear, we watched our flies and saw how the fish reacted to them at 8 feet below the surface!  We caught small, fingerling fish, which were absolutely as beautiful as some of the bigger fish, and we caught 2+ lb. largemouth bass.  Cody ended up with 29 fish, and I had 13.  Lake Amistad yields the prettiest bluegill, even when they are the p-i-g HOG sized ones. 

The best fish story of the day occurrred at 2:30, when I decided to have lunch.  Cody had a TailWaters Creek Crawler fly tied to his 7#, asked if I minded if he fished while I ate, to which I gave him the go ahead, and Cody says I think I'll catch me a bass, and he did!  First cast, barely finished declaring his intentions, and 2lb. bass was fish on!  Now, if anyone had driven by at that time, they would have thought we had ShareLunker #500; we do love catching our fish!

In Satan Canyon, we found a cache of vultures--a little more than 100 (I really don't know what a group of vultures is called)!  Let me just say, I am glad that I was not injured, because they could have picked me clean by midnight there were so many of them, and in Satan Canyon they stayed.

Four Poles turned out to be a Bluegill haven; those fish just loved the CodyBugger fly, regardless which one of us was throwing it.  Regardless the wind's contrariness, we fished that hole for two hours, landing fish about every fourth cast.  The sun began to sink, so we headed back slowly to Rough Canyon.  We fished a new shoreline, which yielded some fish, but, what we began to see were the fish crashing the surface.  At sunset, we stopped to fish a Smallmouth shoreline.  Cody caught a largemouth on topwater, and I called last cast.  Fortunately, it was perfect, and we ended the day with a small largemouth on the fly just as the sun was sinking and before the full moon rose.

The fish are so active, there is no reason to kill ourselves getting up at the crack of dawn, so we'll hit the water, Friday, when we hit the water, and with our great selection of flies, we hope to have another high fish-count day!

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  1. I believe it is a Vulgar of Vultures.

    The Cranky Old Man


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