28 May 2010

Lake Amistad NRA, Diablo East

Phew, 10 degrees hotter and the fishing tailed off drastically compared with yesterday.  However, seeing as these are Cody's home waters, he did not disappoint--bass, bass, bass, then bluegill for the afternoon.  We went up to Castle Canyon, found a beautiful cove, and began fishing it.  Cody caught two bass, but as pretty as the waters were, the lack of structure proved a lack of fish.  The two Cody caught were hiding under a nice boulder.  Castle Canyon serves more the boaters, skiers, jet skiers, and divers than fishermen.  We did take our snorkel gear, but did not take the opportunity. 

The CodyBugger proved to be the hot fly again today.  Still, TailWaters receives my thanks.  One of their .25 cent flies I purchased at their birthday bash Saturday landed me a 1.25 lb. bass.  Unfortunately, it was my only fish of the day, but I'll take it.

We tried some different fishing strategies today.  There are many coves across from the dam.  As we approached the rocky shorelines, we dragged the SeaAnchor and let the wind push us across the rock beds before entering the coves to fish.  Waters were so clear and various hues of greens and blues, at times, it looked like we were fishing saltwater, not freshwater.  The coves offered rocky beds with deep drop-offs which we could clearly see to the bottom--10 feet below. 

We worked hard today, so we called it quits a little earlier than normal.  We stocked up on KFC for tomorrow's lunch, and with temps projected in the mid-90s, we may be snorkeling more than fishing.

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