25 May 2010

Lake Amistad NRA

It is time for our annual trek to Lake Amistad, and we are excited!  Del Rio just received seven inches of rain, Monday, so we will see what the fishing holds for us.  I will be taking my 8# sinking, 6#sinking, 5#, 4#, and 2# floating rods.  Of course, the boat will be a little crowded, but it will be fun, because pristine, clear waters await.  We are also taking our snorkeling gear, hoping to get some up-close views of fish habitats, and see some springs.

Cody and I finished the repairs to my 4 weight rod, and I must admit, that for the first epoxy job without Norm's tutelege turned out pretty good.  Of course, I could hear his instructions from rods past, so it wasn't completely without Norm.

Like my neighbors to the east and west of me, we got the yard mowed and weed eated, tonight, and as I was finishing watering the plants on the front porch, Mr. Snake lay across my front door threshold.  I hollered, was grateful Cody opened the side door instead of the front door, and Cody pushed him off the porch, as I pulled the furniture away.  I do not know from where he came, but I hope he goes away and leaves the baby birds alone.

More to come from Del Rio and Lake Amistad NRA.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

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