23 April 2010

Belize, Day Four

Day 4 turned out to be a day of size, not numbers, and new species. We marathon waded for big Belizean bonefish, of which we caught six--Cody 4 and me 2. We arrived back at the boat to move to the Permit reef. Erlindo found one, and Cody cast to it, but the Permit swam on the outer edge away from our casts. Cody then decided to use his Permit fly to catch a Barracuda. Thankfully, the Barracuda kept the fly intact. Of course, that made me want to catch one too. I tied a pretty Needlefish fly before we left and was dying to get that on the end of my line. Erlindo graciously took me to a great Barracuda spot, and sure enough, I caught, jumped, and landed that bad boy! Cody's cuda was bigger, but it is a new species for me--#31.

Tomorrow--we'll see what the tides hold.

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