22 April 2010

Belize, Day Three

Well, we had a little trouble with Internet connection, yesterday, so there were no posts available. Temps are humid, but we are right on the eastern shore of Ambergris Caye (pronounced key) about two miles north of San Pedro, so we receive a nice ocean breeze, which also keeps the mosquitoes away. Crayola Crayon must have come here to develop their aquas, greens, and turquoise colors. We boat over green turtle grass, white sands, and small coral beds.

El Pescador provides good food and nice accommodations, but I have learned what "being green" means in a lodge. We have desalinated water in our showers and sinks, which means the water is salty. That is driving us nuts, because we never feel like we are getting completely clean, but our skin is soft. Also, toilet paper can not be flushed; instead, it is thrown away. Personally, I like my little ole' aerobic septic system, even if I have to pay an annual maintenance fee.

Our guide is Erlindo, an older gentleman, who has put us on fish both days. Cody and I have fished for tarpon both mornings, and while we have seen and cast to them, no tarpon for the boat, so far. We each will add to our species list--Cody caught a Ballyhoo, today, and I caught a Needlefish, yesterday. Mine was foul-hooked but landed nonetheless. All our other fish have been bonefish.

We eat breakfast around 6:15 and are in our Pangas (a fishing boat that has an Adirondack chair for us to sit in while we are not fishing) by 7:00. We usually come off the water around 3:30, eat a snack, and have dinner at 6:45. Our lunch is prepared for us, and we take it out on the Pangas.

Erlindo showed us the tree from which gum is made; he also showed a tree that is poisonous, like Sumac. Needless to say, I gave that tree a wide birth. Mangroves abound down here, and the Mangrove channel cut we pass through that takes us from the east side of the caye to the west, was cut by the Mayans. It used to be a tollway, but now it is not. Blog is quirky, so no pictures, now, but they will be available on our Rods n' Reels site. More, tomorrow.


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