30 April 2011

Central Texas Fly Fishing

We all have places we love to go fishing, and for me Central Texas is it—limestone bottoms, crystal clear waters, sight casting, trickles that turn into pools, a significantly varied fish population.  There are many other reasons, too, but those are my list toppers.  We break the trip to Del Rio in to two days, which allows us to layover in Central Texas, whether it’s at the Ranch or somewhere else.  Yesterday, we spent the day with a friend outside of Johnson City.  Cody and Robert kept telling me I would catch a Rainbow Trout, and I kept thinking, in Central Texas, last day of April, water temps above 70° F, yeah, right!  Well, since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, I’ll let Miller Creek in Blanco County tell its story.


  1. The second picture is really something else.

    Nice boots by the way. :)

  2. I had to really study that second picture. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on there. Great pics.

  3. The first picture is above the waterfall; the second picture is looking down from the waterfall, and the third picture shows ground level below the waterfall. In the second picture, I was standing to the right (if you're looking at the picture) where the wetness becomes dry, white limestone. Our friend sees this every time they look out their back window.


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