01 May 2011

Whitecaps and Wind

Lake Amistad National Recreation Area, Del Rio!

Choosing to take the scenic route, we drove through Kerrville and along the backroads following the scenic Guadalupe River.  Not too far outside of Kerrville, we passed through the incoming front.  In five miles of driving, the temperature dropped from 77°F to 66°F, but about 20 minutes later, the temperatures were back up to the mid-70s.  When we reached Del Rio, the temperature was 91°F.

While the temperatures were warm, the winds blew out of the west at 24 mph with gusts clocked at 35mph.  We visited Diablo East Marina and whitecaps were everywhere; flags were blowing parallel to the ground; one boat, outfitted with two motors, struggled to dock, and its owner found it difficult to trailer the boat.  We bought our boat permit with great reservations about hitting the water tomorrow.  With Monday's forecast scheduled to be a high of 68°F, 30% chance of rain, and winds out of the NNW at 25-30 mph with gusts of 35-38 mph, we are thinking about hitting local streams in a nearby state park.  Jason and Dawn are continuing with their plans to go out with a guide.  It will be an on-the-spot decision for us.


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