28 April 2011

Fort Parker Surprise

I headed to Fort Parker after work, today.  Mainly, I was hoping to catch a couple of Rainbows, and I am still trying out my Bass Brunch fly.  Since I haven't used it on Lake Springfield's waters, today was as good as any other day to try it out.  It was a rough day on the water, and the wind was behaving.  Everything is on its bed right now, which means very little was biting.  For the day, I ended up with a small Largemouth Bass and two Bluegill.  I thought the fish would be pounding my flies, just because it has always been that way when I've fished Springfield, and I had FishOn! the third cast.  The Bass Brunch snared all three of the fish, but I fished a Popper and a Bonefish Bitter.  The Bitter had no takers, and the popper garnered some interest, but I saw only seven fish total for the day--very, very low.

The day was beautiful, somewhat windy, and areas of the Duckweed had dissipated, but the pollen from Monday's and Tuesday's high winds coated the water.  I wanted to stay on the water until dusk, but since the pathway from the parking lot to Lake Springfield had wash-out spots all along the way, I came off the water early.  For some dumb reason, Sunday night I had a nightmare that I was fishing Springfield and was attacked by Water Moccasins, Lonesome Dove style.  In addition to that, I "Like" Texas Parks & Wildlife on facebook and have seen the two different pictures on their page where the snake is eating a fish.  Lake Springfield does have a few springs feeding it in places, but I did ask the Rangers when I checked in this afternoon about snakes, especially on the trail and in the water.  I do not want to be bitten by a snake!  The rangers said there had been no reports of snakes out there, so I felt good.  Then, I walked around the corner and a noise in the bushes attracted my attention; boy was I surprised but remained calm.  I let the Rangers know, and we all watched the Chicken Snakes doing their mating ritual.

No Rainbows, but my fly caught fish, and the Chicken Snakes were really cool--all in all, a good day!


  1. I like! Someday I'll get to Texas to fish for some of those big Blue Gills and Greenies. Seems I only go there in the winter. Saw a picture that you fished Taneycomo, hope you encountered more than that snake. Love the look of that Bass Bunch fly, wouldn't mind some details. I'll be following.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. The Bass Brunch is less than a month old, but it has caught fish every time I have used it, and the fish I intended it to catch. Big testing grounds coming up, though.

    Lake Taneycomo was a first visit, and we liked it. http://rodsnreels.shutterfly.com/1928


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