13 April 2017

Astove Island, Seychelles

Indian Ocean S 10 3.527' E 47 44.818'
2017 DigitalGlobe Google Earth Image
Head guide Kyle Reed tying a Bimini Twist knot
Joining Tailwaters on another trip to the Seychelles, Cody and I chose to fish the Astove/Cosmoledo/Alphonse itinerary, new to Tailwaters' customers in 2017.  We flew from Mahe to Alphonse, where some passengers disembarked and our plane refueled before continuing southwesterly to Astove.  The Alphonse Fishing Company constructed Astove's new lodge on the existing foundation of the home belonging to a family who once inhabited the island in the early part of the 19th century.  We enjoyed outstanding hospitality from the staff and chefs, and the guides set to work helping us rig our rods, because two-and-a-half days of fishing would come and go quickly.

My first cast of the whole trip was to a Giant Trevally, aka Jeet or GT.  While guide Dave Marshall explained many aspects of GT fishing, I still failed to completely grasp what it meant to fish for GTs.  Failing to keep the fly moving, I missed my only opportunity at an Astove GT.  We fished the lagoon, blind-casted in the channel, walked the surf, where a few opportunities arose to cast to Bluefin Trevally, my favorite Trevally species, and attempted some dredging.  However, I was utterly unprepared to fish the surf, as I had no experience punching a 12# cast into the wind.  We caught nice Bonefish and other species, Tomato and Honeycomb Groupers, and had Triggerfish chase and then turn off our flies.

Astove demands that anglers be in good shape physically, to hike the island's perimeters searching for Permit and GTs, as well as superior casting shape to fish the surf well.  It is a beautiful island full of Giant Tortoises, many different bird species, and a rich and varied history, even if limestone pools attract and hold pesky mosquitoes, whose bites are minimal.

Pauley's Island at low tide

Pauley's Island at high tide

Giant Tortoise among the palms

Grey Heron (leeward side)

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