10 December 2011

Mud Hole 2012 Calendar is Published

Mud Hole has released its new 2012 calendar, and we are April 2012!  The entry submissions were impressive and numerous, and Cody and I feel honored to have made the cut.  The overall calendar is a great showcase of what people are creating.  No wonder fly shops struggle to stay in business.  Creating flies and building rods are fun hobbies, limited only by the creator's imagination.  Overall, the calendar has great photos detailing lots of creativity around the globe, with the exception of one month, which is so busy there is no focus.

Cody's original photo
We were disappointed with what Mud Hole did with our photograph, though.  Shot at over 8 MPs, Mud Hole and Fishing Photos, who hosted the contest, really altered the lighting on the original.  We understand it was to showcase the cork handle Cody built for my 6# rod, but it makes the rest of the shot look like Cody took a bad picture.  Being a professional photographer in his working life, their photo edits embarrassed Cody, and he doesn't want folks to know he took the picture.

Mud Hole is our go-to source for the majority of our rod-building needs, and we do like the calendar, especially since it is our first endeavor of entering the print media together.  (Cody has been featured in many different magazines fly fishing, so he is a little famous.)  We bought several, and who knows, we may enter the contest again next year.  We'll see where our fly fishing adventures take us in 2012.

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