27 December 2011

West Texas Rainbow Stockers

Cody and I are visiting family in West Texas, and today, we decided to go to Odessa's Comanche Trails  Park, because it is on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's trout stocking schedule. Having received 6,000 trout on 20 December, we believed there would still be plenty to catch, not that we were keeping any, we just wanted to have a little fun fishing.  It took Cody three casts before he had Rainbow Trout On! the end of his CodyBugger.  We hit a dry spell, and seeing there were people about every 10 yards, finding a different spot from where we could fish required a little patience and perseverance, but prevail we did.  What a great spot, too!  We caught several fun, pretty little trout, and while I would have loved to fish with the 2# rod, I can't cast it 60 feet, especially with a light wind blowing, so the 4# it was.

There was a gentleman fishing in between Cody and I, and on his last catch, I observed what I thought was a really pale fish, but I ended up with FishOn! so I didn't pay attention.  This gentleman went over to Cody and showed the albino trout to Cody.  They came over and showed it to me.  I had never seen an albino Rainbow Trout, but now that I have, they sure are pretty.  Albino Rainbow Trout aren't really white, but yellow, including their eyes, with a white and pale pink lateral line.

We enjoyed the day and may try to catch any one of the remaining 300 at the Crane County Pond before we leave to go home, but in the meantime, here are some trout from our outing, today.

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