28 July 2010

Learning Curve Mastered

Still beginning the day at 9:30, Cody and I mastered the learning curve, yahoo!  We motored back to the Trophy Spot but headed even farther upstream.  Still using my 4# rod, 150 grain sinking line, and the CodyBugger, I was able to hook up with some nice Rainbows.  Watching those fish give chase and then take the fly is fun business.  I'd buy a ticket to watch it, but that's me.  Cody's CodyBugger wasn't working for him, so he tied on a nyphming rig, which is what most of the fly fishers are doing in the section, and Cody Bell slayed those 'Bows!  We have found a section of the Trophy Spot that looks almost like the Green River in its density of fish.  Today, those fish did not move out of the way of our flies.  It was great fun!!  Tomorrow, we are heading out but earlier, because the fishing is good for about 30-40 minutes after the dam horn sounds signaling open gates, rising water. 

The wildlife along the river provides another scenic venue.  Just as we crossed the Trophy Spot demarcation line, a flock of eight Canada Geese flew over, and then another 20 feet downriver, a brood floated carelessly, as a cat stalked them along the shore dreaming of dinner.  Herons also line the banks and seem to be a good indicator as to where the fish are located, since fish are a huge food staple for them.  We did have an unwanted visitor, today.  I was fishing off the back of the boat towards the shore, so my back was to the main body of the lake.  Cody calmly says, "Look what's coming toward you."  Now, Cody's voice maintained its composed timbre, so I was not expecting the Copperhead that swam from one side of the lake to the other.  The camera rested on the boat's floor, so when I picked it up to snap that snake's photo, the lenses and the lcd fogged immediately (a great tell as to how cold the water is and how hot the air is).  Rather agitated, Cody kept telling me to get the picture, because that snake was swimming in the boat if Cody didn't troll out of its way.  I got two photos and watched as it made shore and slithered up the steep, hilly, and rocky shore.  You know snakes didn't slither until they misbehaved; darn snakes!  

On the first day, Bradley told Cody about a bar-b-que joint that served excellent ribs.  Cody, being the supreme bbq connoisseur that he is, wanted those ribs, so off to the Rib Crib we went.  Excellent fare, I must say.  Cody ate the ribs, of course, and either that was one big pig or they served Cody two racks.  I ate chicken, and of course, southern Missouri is in the South, so the tea was sweet and quenching.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Fords to tie some flies.  Bradley learned to tie the CodyBugger; we cast some fly rods; Stephanie worked on her book, and the river took on its evening personality with the foggy fog descending on the water.  Overall, another excellent day on the water!

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