06 July 2013

Amistad 2013, Spur 454

Cody and I headed down to our favorite lake, but this year, we visited in July instead of May, and we brought our RV and stayed at Broke Mill RV park, which was an excellent place to stay.  We had a total of four vehicles--two autos, one boat, and one RV, and we only paid for the one spot AND were purposefully given an end space so we would have a place to park the car and boat.  Highly, highly recommend Broke Mill RV Park.

Amistad is a different lake every time I visit, but this year, due to the 54 foot drop in levels, in areas it appears more like the confluence of rivers it once was than a lake.  With that said, near the dam, we were finding places that were over 100 feet deep.

Finding fishing sites was a little challenging, since all of ours were not only dry, but at least 10 feet above our heads.  We fished the first day out of a Nitro Z9 bass boat belonging to our brother and sister-in-laws, and boy did we scoot around the lake.  We put in at the Spur 454 boat ramp and fished the area most of the morning, all to no avail.  We fished points, walls, grass beds, floating lines, sinking lines, sinking tips, and the in-laws were varying it up with baitcasting--no fish, two hits, time to move. Cody and I suggested a spot on the Texas side northwest of the dam.  Finally, Denson caught the first fish of the day.  Eventually, we moved up to Cow Creek and took the left fork.  The rest of the boat caught fish with Kristi catching two bass--a largemouth and striper.


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