10 July 2013

Amistad 2013, Castle Canyon

Our last day of fishing was delayed, because we had a second flat on our boat trailer.  Fortunately, after Monday's flat, Cody ordered two new tires from the Goodyear place in Del Rio.  Unfortunately, while on our way there, the tire blew about two blocks from the store.  We gimped in, and went to lunch while they put the two new tires on the trailer.  The tread was still quite deep, completely hiding Lincoln's head, but they were old, nine years old.

Having taken care of that minor problem, we set out for Diablo East to go to Castle Canyon.  Cody had many dive spots that are now exposed, and so he wanted to visit them.  After seeing an old ranch, we stopped and fished off of a protruding rock.  Cody snorkeled the area and saw a few fish, and several crashed the surface, but there were no takers on our flies.

We purchased Mexico fishing licenses, so today we put them to use.  We fished the Burro, and while the waters were deep, nothing took our flies.  Nothing came out of the many caves, nothing from fishing heavy sinking lines, nothing from fishing top water poppers.  We moved farther back into the cove, and we finally saw some fish, small ones hanging near hydrilla beds.  We fished those quite heavily, and finally it was FishOn!  I had a carp, which spit my fly about 30 seconds into the hook-up.  Unfortunately, that was the only fish of the day.  With Mexican regulations allowing for the trolling of bass, it would probably be better to fish the Mexican side farther up river.

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