01 August 2010

Sylamore Creek Access

Our last day found us about 35 miles south of Mountain Home, fishing for trout at the Sylamore Creek Access.  We forewent Crooked Creek and Smallmouth Bass for more trout.  30 December 2008, we fished Sylamore Creek with guide Jamie Rouse when the White River was blown out.  I had never nymphed before Sylamore Creek, and it was a learning experience.  I did catch two fish my first try out with Jamie, and so when Cody mentioned he really wanted to fish Sylamore again, I told him I was game.  Cody fished Sylamore several times in the past, including the charity event Hooked on a Cure (benefiting St. Jude's Hospital) where Cody was paired with celebrity Flip Pallot.  Knowing that it is a trophy area and has produced the many times he has fished there, Cody wanted to give Sylamore a try.  Besides, we treat our fish so well, they are dying to jump in to our nets!

Last night, Cody tied several olive Wooly Buggers for fishing, today, and olive was the color to fish.  Three casts in, FishOn! for Cody Bell.  I decided to give the Wooly Bugger a try to, and on our second pass in the trophy, catch-and-release area, I caught an nice-sized trout, but could not get it in at the boat.  I was actually watching this dark, squirrel-like animal along the bank, because I knew I had never seen this animal.  So, while I was asking Cody what it was, I had hooked up, but I did not set the hook.  Cody told me that the animal was a mink and asked was I going to blog it.  I smart-alecily reply, "Yes, I'll blog it just after I land this fish and you take my picture."  Two seconds later, FishOff!  After talking with Larry at Blue Ribbon, I figured out what was wrong with my nymphing set-up, so I took the time to rig up a San Juan Worm with a Scud dropper.  Meanwhile, Cody ate his Deluxe Meat Lunchable and caught two fish (which I graciously helped net).  One was a long, skinny, baby Rainbow, but Cody landed a pretty 13" Rainbow on his second fish.  Finally, I threw my rig into the water, and about the third mend, FishOn! for me, and on the hot pink San Juan Worm.  I nymphed three trout, all taking the SJW, thank you Larry Babin, and Cody caught 10 fish for the day on his Olive Wooly Bugger. 

We made many passes in the trophy section, but when the water levels receded, we caught logs and rocks and sacrificed our flies to the river god.  After not catching fish for an hour and losing flies, we decided we had fished our fill.  We trailered the boat and got it ready for the return trip to Texas, tomorrow.  We'll have to get the Zoom ready in the morning, but we'll be leaving Denton Ferry RV park and Mountain Home, Arkansas for home.  We have had a great week being with friends, fishing for trout, and seeing the Ozark Mountains.

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