07 May 2016

6th World Championship Bass on the Fly Tournament

This weekend it was Cody's turn to take the prizes.  We fished in our fourth Ted Warren tournament, but instead of using the Mitzi (our flats boat), we decided to enter the kayak division.  We also registered late, so we ended up staying at the new Lake Fork Resort, just west of Lake Fork Marina. Ted has worked really hard in growing this tournament, and with 70 registered participants, this was the largest turn out yet.
Cody reclaimed his distance casting title from the first two tournaments, besting his own record by launching an 80 foot cast and taking home a TFO Rod, Reel, and WF floating fly line.  Next, we both participated in the accuracy contest, where Cody ended up in a three-way tie for first.  Unfortunately, Cody's name wasn't drawn from the hat for him to claim that title as well.

Distance champion with rod, reel, and line

I find Lake Fork very difficult to fish; I have hooked up with species I haven't hooked anywhere else--Bowfin, Gar, but I have yet to land those fish.  Friday was no different, and I caught no Sunfish for that contest, though I did catch Bass.  Cody took second in the contest with an 8 1/4" Bluegill, and I enjoyed the cap Jerry awarded him.
Jerry awards Cody with a nice logo trucker's cap; they are the Bluegills Brothers

I liked Cody's plan for Saturday's fishing, and we were on the water at 6:00 a.m.  With each of us having Native Slayer Propels, we could be really mobile, especially for kayakers.  Cody had a really nice day on the water netting three Largemouth Bass, five Crappie--four White and one Black, and a nice Striped Bass.  Cody's three Largemouth put him in 4th and netted him a $100.00 prize reward.  I caught three Largemouths as well, one on my second cast of the day, but I only netted two, one was particularly small, and a nice-sized Channel Catfish.  Along with some of the entrants from the boating division, the Dallas Fly Fishers also reclaimed the team trophy!
Cody takes 4th place for a total of $100.00!

My first catch of the day

To round out the very good mojo Cody was generating, on the last raffle draw, Cody won the full-day guided trip for two with Brian Nims.  Talk about lucky; we now have a trip with Johnny Martinez on Lake Athens and a trip with Brian.  Along with all the goodies each participant receives just for participating, entrants really walk away with an abundance of goodies, thanks to Ted.  We were tired after a half-day on the water, but we enjoyed seeing good friends and being out on the water.  We made our supper stop at A.J.'s Steakhouse to celebrate a good time fishing before heading home.  One day, we'll be dialed in to Lake Fork, but until then, we'll just keep trying.


  1. Dang longest and most accurate he should play golf!

    1. Hey, Joe.
      Cody does and has since high school; I, on the other hand, do not!


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