19 April 2014

The Colorado at Colorado Bend State Park

While Cody played golf, I set out for Colorado Bend State Park.  When I walked in the office, I looked towards the spot where the fishing info. board used to hang, and before I could look around in the tiny office for its new location, the park ranger said, "We took down the board.  We can no longer be considered a fishing destination.  Currently, the river is 12 feet low, and Lake Buchanan is 30 feet low.  We didn't even have a White Bass run this year."  My jaw slackened, and before I could ask, the ranger continued saying, "There is a sandbar downstream that runs the width of the river, shore-to-shore, and water's not moving downstream, and the fish can't run upstream."  I inquired about the other species above the sandbar, and he said, "What fish?"  I then inquired about why the water was so brown but did not receive a reply.  Spicewood Springs is looking healthy, though.

There are some positive changes involving the park.  They have updated all their signs--new waysides, new trail markers, a new entrance area with pull-out and covered-area signage, entrance welcome sign, and a gate.  Recent surveying and heavy road equipment indicate some road improvements; hopefully, the entrance road is going to be paved.  Lastly, as I was leaving, the ranger stated that the park was going to become an astronomy site hosting star parties in the near future.

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  1. I am afraid we will start seeing more of the droughts, heavy rains, and all the extreme weather patterns in years to come in the form of Global Warming. Of course there are still those who continue to deny the warming effect. Thanks for sharing


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