22 April 2012

Spicewood Springs, Colorado Bend SP

Many places in Texas hold our attention, and while Colorado Bend State Park's White Bass Run boasts many nice-sized fish, the river is often too crowded and packs fisherman along the Colorado like sardines in a can.  However, a nice little 1/2 mile hike east of the boat ramp, yields the hidden crown jewel of CBSP, and that is Spicewood Springs.  Many park-goers just stop at the pool, but Spicewood Creek extends for 1.2 miles upstream, and the overall trail is 5.2 miles.  This year, we chased the creek to its origins for the first time, and we were not disappointed.

We caught sunfish of various species.  We fished our 1 and 2 weight rods (Spicewood is the perfect excuse to buy Mr. Pope's 1/2# rod; I'd love to field test it here).  We tested our casting skills.  We found the GPSr I had dropped out of my front waders pocket (whew, I am too young to die just yet).  We celebrated Spring in true, glorious fly fishing fashion!

Longear Sunfish

Green Sunfish

Casting around a log and into a cave

Green Sunfish underwater

Pumpkinseed Sunfish, possibly

Spring headwaters that forms Spicewwod Creek


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