29 July 2011

Ode to My Waders

For as long as I have been fishing, I have fished in pink waders.  Yes, they are a little different, but they aren't the ordinary, dull khaki or gray, and when fly fishers queue up along the bank like sardines in a can, you know where I am.  Cody likes it that I'm easy for him to spot.  So it was with great sadness that I had to put the pinkies aside.  The inseams along knees had worn thin, and my trademark waders leaked beyond repair.

I have been looking for a fanny pack.  I liked the older Simms version that came in orange, blue, lime, or gray, but now, no one has those, and everyone just offers an ugly, gray color.  When you're in a boat with a lot of other fly fishers, you want to be able to pick out your pack fairly easy.  I was discussing my conundrum with Sean at Orvis, and he told me about an on-line store called Recycled Waders, where they "turn leakers into keepers,  meaning they upcycle reclaimed breathable wader material to create fishing friendly products." 

I liked the website and the products they offered, but I still looked around for the fanny pack that I wanted.  With my search ending up null, I decided to give Recycled Waders a go, and I am glad I did.  Patrick was really easy to work with, from my shipping the waders to Patrick in Colorado, to my receiving the finished product was all of three weeks, and I love my new Big Fanny Pack.  I can tell what part of my waders were used where, and the pack is going to be greats for flats fishing, especially.  There was enough material left over, that I ordered their original 'Nook Sack for my fly boxes.  Louisiana Redfishing will be their debut.

Even if purchasing a product is not on the agenda, Recycled Waders glagdly accepts donations of anyone's retired, breathable waders, and they recommend Ecologic Designs for upcycling neoprene waders.

One zippered pocket on the outside

Handle, Shoulder Strap, and Waist Belt with three inserts per side
Roomy Interior with a small zippered pocket



  1. Looks like good work. Makes me wish I had some leaky waders to recycle.

  2. Works, a little wankey (reading too many aussie blogs) but looks like it works! I would get pink waders, but they clash with my eyes.

    Cranky Old Man

  3. This is great. Thanks for sharing.


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