17 July 2011

Lake Fork in July

Cody and I made a trip to Lake Fork to visit friends, and while there, we fished, of course.  We stayed in the Little Caney Arm area, because traveling around this lake with all the exposed stumps is a little on the reckless side.  Cody and I fished the Fly Fishing Bass Tournament two months ago, and while the lake levels were down in May, they are really low, now.  I took a photo standing on Diane & Richard Blair's dock, which has no water under it, by the way.  Typically, both their dock and Annie & Ray's dock has 4 1/2 - 5 feet under it.  Well, the grass doth grow, and the shoreline begins about three feet from the end of each dock! 

Lake Fork is known for its trophy, share lunker Largemouth Bass, and Cody and I hoped we'd catch at least one, especially in the evening on poppers or using a good, sinking line.  We fished about three hours total, and caught three fish--two Channel Catfish and one Bluegill.  Cody's Channel Cat jumped completely out of the water, and until we netted it, we both thought it was a bass.  I caught my two on an amber Bonefish Bitter while wade fishing, and Cody caught his on a CodyBugger from the boat at dusk.  The lack of rain is not only affecting the humans, but the fish, too.  Oh, rain, rain please come, today!

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