15 March 2009

Passions United

I am passionate about fly fishing, and I have always enjoyed writing.  Cody and I travel many places to fly fish, so I have decided to begin a blog about our fly fishing adventures.

I began fly fishing in 1996.  My Dad gave me his Dad's bamboo fly rod, nothing special, except that it belonged to my grandfather, who spent many hours fishing on Caddo Lake with this rod.  I don't use the rod to fish, only to decorate, but it is that rod and stories of a grandfather I did not know that got me in to fly fishing.

The first fish I caught was a small brown trout on the South Platte River just south of Breckenridge, Colorado, and that is all it took for me to become addicted.  Though, it did take me a while to learn that I could also fly fish for bass and other warm, freshwater species.   I learned how to saltwater fly fish in June 2007, catching a very small Redfish and a respectable Speckled Trout in the Lower Laguna Madre for my first two saltwater species.

My fly rods are always TFO rods, all of which I have built, except for my CfR 5# rod.  I now own a 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10, and am building a new 8# and a 9#.  I like medium-action rods, but I have TiCrX, Professional, BVK, and Finesse series rods.

Ross Reels outfit my freshwater rods and Nautilus NV reels (in colors) rig my saltwater rods.  I love Rio floating lines and Orvis Depth Charge sinking lines.  The bucket list fish for me are Taimen and Lenok for freshwater, yes, a trip to Mongolia is required to catch these species, and Permit for saltwater.  I look forward to the day when I have caught these beautiful species.  (I caught a Permit in the Carribbean Sea at Ambergris Caye, Belize on Saturday 24 April 2010!)  My favorite home water is Lake Amistad, our annual Spring Break destination, and I can not decide about out-of-state, but Alaska is near the top of that list.

We tye our own flies, and it was the CodyBugger fly that made our first date possible.  (This fly was also used in Cody's marriage proposal on Friday 10 September 2010!)  I hope to create a fly as versatile and successful as the CodyBugger.

Cody is the best partner anyone could have, and we have already had many adventures and are planning many more.  Here is where we'll share our adventures, so come join us for some fly fishing fun!

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