11 June 2023

DFF June Outing

We headed to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River Tailrace just below the Lake Lewisville Dam on Sunday for our monthly outing.  While the ambient temperature was a little warm, the water temperature was a nice, cool 74 degrees F.  As they so often are when the dam is generating, the Buffalo were thick as thieves, and after about 15 minutes of fishing, I landed one.  Cody came to help, and I finally have a decent picture with a Smallmouth Buffalo, though I need to adjust my Buff better, so that I don't look so much like a nun.  Though many Buffalo were hooked and several landed, the carp would not take any offerings I made.  Cody was able to hook two with a CodyBugger, and farther downstream, he hooked something that fought in slow motion with slow deliberate headshakes.  Somehow, whatever species it was came unbuttoned and left us pondering what in the world Cody hooked.  It was another great day on the water.

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