30 March 2023

DFF Outing

Spring has sprung within the Dallas Fly Fishers and so have the springtime outings.  We held our first White Bass Run Outing last week, and this week we decided to fish the ponds and Brazos River access at Latham Springs Baptist encampment.

The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush were in early bloom full and thick, and the fish ate hungrily and often in spite of the quite cool temperatures.  River and lake fishing were healthy and robust.  If we had kept the number of Crappie we caught, what a fish fry we could have had and the numbers they would have fed!  Amongst the successes were field testing flies and catching my 96th species on the fly, an Orangespotted Sunfish.  In addition, I think I now have caught all of the Sunfish species swimming in Texas' waters.  They are such fun, particularly due in part to the aggressive nature with which they attack a fly.  

The club outings are fun to enjoy with fellow fishy folk, and rather sadly, this was Cody's and my first foray into an event and fishing this year.  Though late on wetting a line, at least we started with a bang!

My 96th species on the fly!

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