01 October 2017

Trinity Bass Battle--A Month of Tourneys

Cody could not be home for our 7th Anniversary, so for our anniversary, he gave me use of his car and encouraged me to go fishing in Backwoods' Trinity Bass Battle Tournament, which occurs every other Sunday through 12 November 2017!  So, I set my alarm, got up at 4:00 a.m., loaded Cody's car with all kinds of kayak and fly fishing paraphernalia (my little hybrid can't tow), and headed off to the Panther Pavilion area in Fort Worth.  I had a great day, even though I was the only fly fisher, and I was really excited to see a nice number of women fishing.

I didn't place, but I had my best tournament, E-V-E-R!  However, I couldn't get credit for all that I caught, because something happened when I snapped the photo of my 18 inch Largemouth.  It's just a white screen, and for those that don't know me, there ain't nothing white on my kayak.  Even my Hawg Trough is marked up with black, blue, and red lines, and my 'Yak, well, it's purple, pink, and gray; I kid you not!  I wore blue shorts and my pink Breast Cancer Awareness fishing shirt and sun visor.  I'm telling ya, I have no idea what happened on that photo, but I know I caught it, so the memory's mine.  Officially, I submitted 46.75 total inches; unofficially, I caught 64.75 inches.  Sadly, even if my big one had counted, I still would not have placed.  Big Bass was 20.25 inches with a two-way tie for third, with each fisherman submitting an 18.50 inch bass.  Overall winner today submitted an 80.something inches scorecard!  In Texas, Fall doesn't mean much, until it's time to fish, and then, it means everything because The Bite is happening!

Phone screenshot showing a photo was taken; it even says "Live" with that icon

Pretty Longear Sunfish

Bluegill, who jerked just as I snapped

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