25 September 2015

Doc's got the Cure

In late September, Cody and I spent a week in Colorado and New Mexico fishing and exploring.  I finally found our New Mexico pictures.  One of the New Mexico days we spent fishing skinny, moving water for Brown Trout with Doc Thompson.  We enjoy Doc's watering holes, instruction, and friendship, not to mention, he packs a great lunch.  We cast small rods, 1 and 2 weights, and while our fish weren't large, our catches were frequent and technical.  We had plenty of opportunities to read the riffles, bends, and pockets to entice those beautiful Browns to take our flies.  It was a stretch of the Cimarron River which we had never fished, and the views, including those without fish, were just as beautiful.


  1. You guys are so lucky--fishing in paradise---absolute beautiful stream--thanks for sharing

  2. Gorgeous water you guys were fishing there; I've never had the pleasure to fish freestone streams. I hope I get the chance before I hang up the fly rod. I learned long time ago its not about the size of fish; but the thrill of landing a fish that test your skills while using an inferior weight fly rod. You guys accomplished that task; I love to fish with 2/3 wt. fly rods--thanks for sharing


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