28 June 2015

Cuban Bonefishing

We came to fish for Cuba's southern shore Grand Slam--a Bonefish, a Tarpon, and a Permit.   My best three chances for Permit were the first day, (first cast, no less), the third day, and the last. Cody's best chances for Permit were also the third day, where they actively nosed on our fly and followed it, on more than one occasion, before deciding, "an Avalon Fly, meh--why bother?"and turned off quickly. I won't build any anticipation; no one caught any Permit, but we chased them.

Tailwaters logoAs the first and last days of the trip are spent boating five hours
from-and-to the port town of Jucaro, fishing those days are half-days.  So our first day was an evening spent Bonefishing on some of the calmest flats I have ever experienced.  Tailwaters' original logo sported a freshwater trout and tailing Bonefish.  Until 20 June 2015, I had never seen tailing Bones as depicted on their first brand; it was something to see.

The Bonefish were everywhere--solo, clusters of four and five, large schools--just milling about for those small crustaceans.  Keko (pronounced KAY-kō), our guide for the trip, selected a tan patterned Gotcha, and it was BonefishOn! for two hours.  We got our sea legs, our casting, our sighting set for the trip that first evening, which helped establish what would be some great fishing.

Two days, we caught Bonefish early, so we could move on to the Tarpon and Permit for the 
Grand Slam.  I also wanted to catch a small Lemon Shark, about 3 feet/1 meter, and Barracuda.  The Bonefish splash and make such long runs, that they attract sharks and 'cudas quite often.  So, some mornings, we caught Bones to tease in their predators (none were ever sacrificed or hurt).  Other mornings, we caught Bones just to catch Bones--on the flats, in the mangroves, incoming tides, outgoing tides, we just caught beautiful Bonefish.

I haven't been to Los Roques, Venezuela for Bonefishing, but I have been to Belize and Hawai'i, and I think that the Cuban Bonefish are some of the Western Hemisphere's best Bonefish.

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