11 August 2013

Documenting the Texas Drought at Amistad Reservoir

On Wednesday 7 August 2013, the Texas Parks and Wildlife facebook page made a post asking Texans to help document how the drought is affecting Texas daily.  I looked at a few of the pictures, and even for Texans, if one has never been to the photographed area, the frame of reference is understated.  Having a passion for Lake Amistad Reservoir and visiting it annually, allow me to demonstrate 61 feet below normal. For the dam and the Diablo East Boat Ramp, I was at the same latitude, just the east-west position changed.

Amistad Reservoir Dam, 2009
Amistad Reservoir Dam, 2013

Diablo East Boat Ramp, 2010
Diablo East Boat Ramp, 2013

RR/Hwy 90 Bridge, 2009
RR/Hwy 90 Bridge, 2013

Pecos-Rio Grande Confluence, 2009
Pecos-Rio Grande Confluence, 2012

Mexican Church, 2010

Mexican Church, 2012
Mexican Church, 2013

Satan Canyon is located up the Devil's River Arm, west of Slaugther Bend and Indian Springs.  In 2011, we are 135 feet farther into the canyon than in 2012.  There are no 2013 pictures because it is has no water.
Satan Canyon Mouth, 2011
End of Satan Canyon, 2012

End of Satan Canyon
4" of water, 2011

We fished San Pedro Canyon for the first time in 2010.  It is waterless, today.
San Pedro Canyon, 2010
Fishing San Pedro Canyon, 2010

San Pedro Canyon, 2013
The bridge is a dive site
Lowrey Springs Canyon, located on the eastern side about halfway between Rough Canyon Boat Ramp and Slaughter Bend has no water in it today.  We slayed the Sunfish in here in 2011. 
Lowrey Springs Canyon, 2011

What we deemed Bonsai Island farther north of Lowrey Springs Cove and on the west side of the Devil's River Arm is as far north as can be traveled by boat, today.  The "lake" water is 2 feet in depth.
Bonsai Island, 2009
Bonsai Island, 2012

Bonsai Island, 2013
Cody Bell is just beyond the grass
This former ranch along California Creek in the Castle Canyon area is a dive site, and is typically completely submerged.  Notice the boat tie-off rope around the home's arch and the weighted box in the very foreground.
Popular Castle Canyon Dive Site 
Entire Area is Typically Submerged

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  1. And I thought our lake at 15 ft. was low last year. You guys out that way must experience some kind of dry weather. Unreal some of the images of the drop in water level at different times of the year. thanks for sharing


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