18 October 2011

We're Baaacckk!

Well, it has been almost two months since I last posted anything about our adventures.  Things have been busy since our trip to Louisiana. 

When we returned, we immediately began moving in to our new home, which was slow-going, because I wanted to paint, which also meant priming, some of the rooms to suit our decor, and it takes a very long time for me to tape, a very long time.  The move has also been slow, because we are moving literally a 1/2 mile from our newlywed home.  Dumbest thing I've ever done is to move myself!  Exponetially dumb!  We are still switching out some ceiling fans, I have one 1/2 bath left to tape and paint, and then, we have to decide what to do with the furniture we're not using.  Blending two single houses in to one home is not an easy task--how absurdly naive I was to think otherwise!  Then, in all this moving business, we were living in the old house, The Cottage, but continuing to work on the new house, The Country Home.  Our phone and Internet are bundled, and the Skybeam people just could not figure out that we wanted our phone and Internet at the new house and Internet only at the old house.  They still don't have it right, and so, for a month, we went without Internet and phone. 

The first night spent in our new home, about three weeks ago, now, our Central Texas ranching neighbor phoned at 1:03 a.m. (that hour you know is never a good call), to say the ranch was on fire.  Fortunately, no people, no animals, and only one Live Oak were damaged.  Native prairie grass was burned in two locations for about 800 yards and another completely separate spot had about 150 yards of grass burned.  Some yucky ole salt cedar was also burned, hooray--the silver lining in this cloud.  The fire was caused by a lightening strike from a storm I joyously cheered while watching the t.v. weather reports, never once thinking about the consequences.  Lightening had struck a pretty, 40-year old Live Oak on a Tuesday and smoldered for a day-and-a-half, before igniting the grass.  The drought has been so severe, that the heat traveled from the tree's roots underground to ignite the grass.  Crazy, crazy, crazy. 

We flew in to Dallas Love Field from Louisiana, and I returned to the schoolhouse less than 12 hours later, and the school business has been busily hectic up until last week.  Fall seems like it is going to be the only normal season this year for Texas, and everyone seems to be welcoming the new routine.  We just returned from Oktoberfisch, and I had the story written and was working on accompanying pictures, when new Blogger interface and old Blogger did not jive, and even though it said, "Auto saved at [whatever time]," I lost half my story.  It was a great trip, and I'll work on completing it once-again later this week.  I have also finished field-testing for my review on the Keen sandals I won from the Outdoor Blogger Network, so I will be completing that write-up, too.

Cody and I hope all has been well with y'all, and we look forward to reading your stories and seeing your adventures.

Happy Fall,
Cody and Julia

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  1. Glad to have you back. Last month I took a one month hiatus from blogging for new job training, so I totally understand.
    The part about the "yucky ole salt cedar" made me laugh. It's hard to feel sorry for invasive species... especially yucky ones.


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