21 March 2011

Bluebonnets, Bass, & Bluegill Festival at Fort Parker

Warmer temperatures got the sap flowing, trees blossoming, and flowers blooming, including the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets.  It also means that the Bass, Crappie, and Bluegill are in a feeding frenzy. Feeling cheated out of White Bass, Saturday, I decided to see if the warmer temperatures caused the Duckweed to take over Lake Springfield, and while there was significant vegetation growth compared to the February fishing, the pond was still quite fishable, so fish it, I did.  What entertainment the Largemouth Bass and Bluegill doled out. 

I used my 2# rod, and even though the West wind did blow, the nice berm and wooded area provided some relief.  At other times, I let the wind blow me to the east end of the pond, where the fish were much more active.  Sometimes, I challenge myself when I fish--I have to hit a particular spot within two inches; otherwise, if I hook and land a fish, I can't count it; I use only one fly; I can only cast to a spot one time; I count to 15 before stripping in my line, and various and sundry other rules.  Today, it was hitting the spot and one-fly fishing with the GirlieBugger.  For the day, I wangled 17 Bluegill and 4 Largemouth Bass out of Lake Springfield. 

I miss fishing Six-O-Ranch and their Goliath Bluegill, but I think I may have found its replacement.  Lake Springfield Bluegill are not the behemoths that the Six-O Bluegill were, but the Springfield ones are beautifully colored and detailed and a joy to see.  In addition to the fish, there are butterflies, turtles, some are rather prehistoric looking ones that have voracious jaws, and the lake is surrounded by beautiful woods and flowers, not to mention a wonderful solitude.  This lake will only be fishable a few months out of the year, but what a great, go-to spot!

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